An extract of an essay by Ibn Khaldoun, Tunisian historian.
« A country conquered by the Muslims will soon be ruined. (...)  If the Muslims  need stones to wedge their cooking pots, they will damage the buildings to obtain them ; if they need wood to make stakes or tent hoops, they destroy the buildings to have them. (...)  Under their domination ruin invades everything. They impose to professional persons and craftsmen chores for which they do not deem  a payment necessary. Yet,  the exercise of craft is  the real source of richness ; the established order disturbs and civilization regresses.We will add that the Muslims neglect all governmental care ;  they do not want to prevent crimes ; they are not careful about public safety ;  their one and only care is to levy money from their subjects, either from violence or slights. Provided they reach their goal, they care about no other thing. Regulating the administration of the State, ensuring the well-being of the submitted people, and containing the criminals are occupations to which they do not even think (...). Thus, the subjects of an Arabian tribe remain nearly without government,  and such a state of things destroy the population of a country and its prosperity. »
Les prolégomènes (1377), Ibn Khaldoun