The Jewish people is characterized by a belonging to the group which is difficult to cancel. This strong cohesion and this identitary building is largely explained by blood links. With the Jewish blood, there is no possibility to claim to belong to the Jewish community inappropriately. This racialism or this tribalism makes them a people who built itself against others. In this meaning, their current victim position can make well-educated people smile.
Great Jewish intellectuals such as Marx, Freud, Lazare or Aron necessarily have elevated themselves beyond those tribal links to tend to the universal. Without this, they could never have acquired a conscience of themselves but also of their group. You have to go out of a group or a situation to analyze it. This is basic philosophy.
Israel Shahak belongs to this circle of intellectuals who were able to navigate away from the blood links, express his feelings, and plunge intro reason. In his fundamental book  « Jewish history – Jewish religion – the weight of three millenia », this Israeli chemist offered a corrosive vision of the Jewish world. Here is a short summary.  According to the Israeli law, a person can only be Jewish if his mother, his grand-mother, his grand-grand-mother and his grand-grand-grand-mother were Jewish. Conversion is only possible to strictly defined conditions. The belonging to Judaism doesn´t imply a belonging to the Israeli nation, because there are also Christian and Muslims Israelis. But it grants rights that the others don´t have. Can we see this as democracy ?
Shahak, the founder of the Israeli league for Human Rights,  reproaches his community their lack of humanism, and especially targets its violent justice, its absence of humour and its contempt for knowledge. He reminds, relevantly, their important role in the slave trade in the XVIIIth century. The Jewish religion basically hates Jesus-Christ (which appeared through what happened to him), and his disciples.
Maimonide, the codifier of the Talmud, text of interpretation of the Torah with a superior value, explains that Blacks are not men but have a value superior to apes. Moses Hess, one of the first German socialists, conjures up « the pure Jewish race ». Basically, Hitler invented nothing. A racialism struggled against another. More, the Zionists applauded Hitler´s ascension in 1933. Shahak defines Judaism as a polytheism in which Yahwe has the most important place. Only the last prophets began to speak about a single God.
The religious text of Jews, the Talmud, prescribes commandments that they don´t have to respect toward non-Jews (Goy). It is only the Christ, and then Paul de Tarse, who universalised these prescriptions. Consequently, there are many discriminatory rules. Thus, it is forbidden to practise medicine on Shabbat day, except is a Jew is in vital danger. A Jewish doctor cannot be condemned if he refused to cure a Goy. He will have respected the Talmud rules. About lending with interests (usury), it is the same principle. Jews are only authorized to lend with interests to Goys.  In his historical analysis, the author distinguishes the classical  Judaism (IX-XVIIth century) from the modern phase (XVIIIth century – nowadays), marked by „the dissolution of the totalitarian Jewish community and its power, and by attempts (the most important is Zionism) to impose it again.“ 
Contrary to the myth, Jews have always belonged to superior social classes. Their condition was better that the one of the serfs whom they despised even more than Goys. They were frequently exempted from the payment of taxes which they frequently helped to collect. So, their interest was to live in feudal countries in which the weak central power let a big freedom to powerful vassals. In the XIVth century, when the French nation was almost completed, Philippe Le Bel deported the Jews, rightly considered like parasite intermediaries, a role they kept in Poland, a country that remaind feudal for a very long time.  Their various frauds and hatred towards Goys resulted in deserved reprisals.  If the host countries were rather tolerant, it is not the case of the Jewish laws. According to the religious prescriptions, the murder of a Goy is not punishable. If the Jew caused the death indirectly, it is even not a sin. Maimonide is very clear :
« About Gentiles (Goys), it is forbidden to save them if they are in danger of death ».  There are many other examples.  It is forbidden for them to drink in the bottle of a non Jew, as the non Jew is considered impure.