29 novembre 2016


  The Jewish people is characterized by a belonging to the group which is difficult to cancel. This strong cohesion and this identitary building is largely explained by blood links. With the Jewish blood, there is no possibility to claim to belong to the Jewish community inappropriately. This racialism or this tribalism makes them a people who built itself against others. In this meaning, their current victim position can make well-educated people smile. Great Jewish intellectuals such as Marx, Freud, Lazare or... [Lire la suite]
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27 novembre 2016

A country conquered by the Muslims will soon be ruined

An extract of an essay by Ibn Khaldoun, Tunisian historian.« A country conquered by the Muslims will soon be ruined. (...)  If the Muslims  need stones to wedge their cooking pots, they will damage the buildings to obtain them ; if they need wood to make stakes or tent hoops, they destroy the buildings to have them. (...)  Under their domination ruin invades everything. They impose to professional persons and craftsmen chores for which they do not deem  a payment necessary. Yet,  the exercise of... [Lire la suite]
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24 novembre 2016

Tout pays conquis par les musulmans est bientot ruiné

  Un extrait d´un essai d´Ibn Khaldoun, historien tunisien"Tout pays conquis par les musulmans est bientôt ruiné. [...] Si les musulmans ont besoin de pierres pour servir d'appuis à leurs marmites, ils dégradent les bâtiments afin de se les procurer; s'il leur faut du bois pour en faire des piquets ou des soutiens de tente, ils détruisent les toits des maisons pour en avoir. [...] Sous leur domination la ruine envahit tout. Ils imposent aux gens de métier et aux artisans des corvées pour lesquelles ils ne jugent pas convenable... [Lire la suite]
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